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Our mission is to create a platform for people who struggle to be accepted for who they truly are and educate brands, organizations and companies on androgyny and why diversity and inclusion is essential. 

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Nikki Eason

South Carolina native, Nikki Eason has prided her life on empowering others through confidence and fashion. Her love for fashion started in 2011 while pursuing a modeling career to wear men's clothing in a male dominated industry. She wondered if she was the only one who felt the need to wear what made her comfortable no matter what norms society had created. 

As a result of her lack of acceptance within the fashion industry, The Androgynous Model was birthed.

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TAM Agency

The Androgynous Model Agency will serve as a liaison between brands, businesses and organizations who are looking to become more diverse and inclusive. Representation is key; and everyone deserves equal employment opportunities in whatever industry they choose to pursue.

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A community that inspires androgynous and non-conforming individuals to celebrate their fluidity.

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